12 Aug

SEO For Startups – Columbia Startup Lab Workshop

Last week we were in New York speaking to the awesome folks at the Columbia Startup Lab about SEO for Startups ! Here’s the presentation and a couple of pics from the event !      

8 Mar

Optimize Your YouTube Videos (Content and Keyword Research)

In today’s post, I wanted to share some tips on optimizing your online videos, focusing on content, titles and tags. These are some of the most important elements for your Youtube channels and individual videos. Concentrating on your content, titles and tags will ensure you are engaging with the right viewers and increase your video…

7 Mar

Top SEO Sites, Blogs & Resources

Do you want to learn about search engine optimization? Do you have specific questions? If you do, you may have trouble not only finding the answers, but finding the right answers. It has been said that the internet can be like the bathroom wall, where anyone can post anything. In an industry that isn’t so…

28 Feb

Is Your SEO Working?

How do you know if your SEO is paying dividends? There are several metrics and reports you can pull, but a very straight-forward and transparent aspect to analyze would be your branded vs non-branded traffic. If your non-branded traffic is increasing month over month, than it is likely that your SEO efforts are working and…

21 Feb

Duplicate Content | The What and the How

Duplicate content is a common issue within the digital marketing world; in fact, so common that rarely do we see new clients without some sort of duplicate issues not being managed in an SEO friendly way. Why is Duplicate Content important? We get asked this question quite often, and the answer is that the duplicate…

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